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Led Products Catalog
  • IP68 LED fountain lights
    LED Fountain Lights,dry land fountain light,LED fountain ring,DMX LED fountain light,underwater fountain light,LED fountain lamp.
  • IP68 LED swimming pool lights
    LED underwater light,underwater recessed wall light,underwater wall washer,underwater inground LED light,LED pond light,LED swiming pool light,Underwater LED spotlight,underwater buried light.
  • IP68 LED underwater spot light
    LED underwater spot light made of molding shaped stainless steel housing and face cover.LED underwater spot light is widely used in fountain project and pond,pool.
  • IP67 LED inground light,step light
    LED Underground Light,LED inground light,underground uplights,LED buried Lights,LED Inground lamp,LED recessed wall light.
  • IP65 LED landscape light,garden spot light
    LED Landscape Light,LED garden light,LED flood light,LED garden spot light,LED spike light,LED lawn light are widely used in garden,park,villa,plaza lighting decoration.
  • IP65 LED wall light,stair light
    Square LED stair light,LED step light,LED stair lighting,LED recessed wall light,outdoor wall lamp,LED wall fitting,Stairway LED lighting.
  • IP65 COB LED flood lights

    10W RGB LED flood light,30W RGB LED flood light,50W RGB LED flood light,70W,100W,120W LED flood light,DMX RGB LED flood light

  • LED Strips,LED Module
    LED Strip Light,China strip light,flexible strip light,China Strip Light manufacturer,Waterproof LED module ,SMD LED Module,SMD LED Module supplier in China.
  • RGB LED bulb,RGB down light
    PAR30 9W RGB,PAR38 12W RGB,5W RGB bulb,5W GU10 RGB bulb,RGB 5w MR16 bulb,E27 5W RGB bulb,E14 5W RGB bulb,RGB down light,low voltage indoor light.
  • LED Wall Washer

    LED wall washer,high power LED wall washer,LED spot light ,LED flood light can be widely used  in all kinds of wall lighting decoration,for indoor or outdoor of commercial buildings, meeting room, showroom, stage lighting,civilization plaza etc.

  • IP68 Connector,Power supply
    IP68 connector,underwater junction box,waterproof connection box,waterproof junction box,calbe box ,PG11,PG9,led constant current power supply,constant voltage power supply,IP65 power supply,IP67 power supply,IP68 power supply.
  • Catalogue
    LED Underwater light,LED fountain light,LED swimming pool light,LED underground light,LED inground light,LED garden light,LED landscape light,LED wall light,LED stair lighting
  • Certificate

    IP65,IP67,IP68 CE certificate,RoHS.