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IP68 LED Fountain Light

IP68 30W RGB LED fountain ring light,dryland RGB LED fountain lamp

Item NO. : JP-942126

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IP68 30W RGB LED fountain ring light,dryland RGB LED fountain lamp Product Details:

30W RGB LED dry fountain light,dryland LED fountain light,surface mounting RGB LED fountain ring light,dry fountain RGB LED lamp,stainless steel LED fountain lights,Square fountain RGB LED light specification:
1.Housing: 304#(316# is available) stainless steel;
2.Cover&center hole:304#(316# is available) stainless steel;
3.Body Size:¢200mm*H65mm;
4.Light source: 12x2W RGB3in1 LED single color(consumption 31.2W);(12x1W/12x3W single color ;12*1W/3W RGB are availble);
5.Single Color:pure white,warm white(ww),cool white(cw),amber,Red,yellow,green,blue;
6.Input Voltage:24VDC;
7.Glass: Tempered Glass T=10mm;
8.Lens beam angle: 15/25/30/45/60 degrees.
Lens:Optional lens, Efficiency ≥ 85%;
9.IP68,CE certificated;
10.Waterproof Cable gland:IP68,PG-9 Copper and nickel coated,End-cap and housing are silicone sealed;
11..MPCB: Excellent heat conductivity aluminum, coefficient of  heat conductivity ≥ 2.0W/mk;
12.Waterproof seal:glass and housing are silicone sealed;
13.Operating temperature:-10~+40centigrade.
14.Manner of packing:1pc/inner box,4pcs/CTN,CTN size:35x19x20cm / G.W:13kgs.

24W dry fountain RGB LED light,12W RGB LED dryland fountain ring,surface mounting RGB LED fountain light,inground RGB LED fountain light,Square fountain RGB LED light,plaza RGB LED fountain lights line drawing:

12W tricolor LED dry fountain light,underground RGB LED fountain lights,Land fountain RGB LED lights,recessed multicolor LED fountain lights,30W dryland fountain RGB LED lighting,piazza fountain RGB LED lights Engineering case
24W 12W LED dry fountain light,surface mouting LED foutain ring light,Land LED fountain lights,30W LED recessed fountain lights,12W dryland fountain LED lighting,underwater 24W LED fountain light,inground 24W LED fountain lights,Square fountain LED lights,underground LED fountain light are widely used in Swimming Pool, Fountain, Rearing Pond, Waterland, Artificial Waterfall.

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