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LED Strips,LED Module

2pcs SMD5050 led module,led module,outdoor SMD module

Item NO. : 2P-SMD5050

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2pcs SMD5050 led module,led module,outdoor SMD module Product Details:

Item Number color led QTY C.T&wave band Lux(lm) Size Input Vol. Watte Beam Angle
MD-5050P-02B010-1012 White 2/pcs 6000-7000K 20-25 47.5*17.8*9.5mm DC12V 0.72w/pcs 120°
MD-5050R-02B010-1012 Red 2/pcs 620-630nm 1012 47.5*17.8*9.5mm DC12V 0.72w/pcs 120°
MD-5050G-02B010-1012 Green 2/pcs 515-525nm 1620 47.5*17.8*9.5mm DC12V 0.72w/pcs 120°
MD-5050B-02B010-1012 Blue 2/pcs 460-470nm 57 47.5*17.8*9.5mm DC12V 0.72w/pcs 120°
MD-5050Y-02B010-1012 Yellow 2/pcs 585-595nm 710 47.5*17.8*9.5mm DC12V 0.72w/pcs 120°

Waterproof LED module ,SMD LED Module,non-waterproof LED module ,SMD LED Module supplier in China

Product Description :

1) Available in super flux LED module, strawhat LED module and SMD LED module version.

2) With mounting holes for easy mounting

3) Various color: White, warm-white, red, green, yellow, blue, RGB

4) Working voltage: 12V DC

5) LEDs quantity: 2pcs SMD5050

6)Dimension: 47.5*17.8*9.5mm

7) View angle 120 degree


9) 3years warranty

10) Application: LED Backlight, LED channel letters, LED sign Module lighting

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